Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Take a Break! It's Favorites Week!

Being it is a major holiday today and life tends to get even more crazy between now and the new year, we're taking a week off from cue words and, instead, having a little fun looking back over the last six months of CASology's existence!  The design team has taken a look at all the fantastic entries we've had for the past 24 challenges and is sharing with you some of the cards that defined Clean & Simple (CAS) for us!  We'd love it if you would share with us some of your favorite CASology entries from the last six months too!  Just link up your favorites using the link tool below.  Here is a little guideline for when you go to link up:

URL:  Use the direct link to the card owner's blog post where the card originated.
Name:  Use your name and then include who the card's owner is.  (e.g.  Melissa - Jane's card)
Email address:  Use your own.

We can't wait to see which cards have defined Clean & Simple for you!

Here are the design team's picks for cards that stood out for CAS creativity:


Karen's one layer CAS card stands out in my mind because of its beautiful simplicity. It has clean, well-defined lines, a simple color scheme and an abundance of white space.


Jessi's card uses bold colours, a couple of fun embellishments and lots of white space to communicate a very clear and simple message.

For me, Donna's card is CAS perfection. It's one layer, well balanced (good visual triangle) and the rounded corner adds some interest. Also the font of the sentiment matches the style of the image and best of all it makes me giggle whenever I see it!

I am always impressed by Kim's cards, but this particular card is a standout because of its beautiful composition. The sentiment and leaf create a eye pleasing visual triangle and she has left the perfect amount of white space.

I am consistently impressed with Meghan's cards, she has a very clean and thoughtful approach to her designs.  This is one of my favourite cards of hers. Meghan has a real knack for paper piecing, as she did in this card.

Have fun browsing through the past challenge entries!  (We've provided a handy "weekly challenges" link under "Categories" in the sidebar!)  Be sure and give your favorites a shout out by Sunday at noon (CST)!

We'll be back on Monday, December 31, to introduce three new design team members!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


  1. Oh, boy, this is not going to be easy...so many wonderful CAS entries to choose from this time...can't wait to see what everyone picks!

  2. You have made my month (and maybe even my year!). A shout-out at CASOLOGY!! I am thrilled! And now I'm going to have even more fun as I go looking for my own favorite among all the entries!

  3. Hi, are we supposed to be picking our favorite from our own entries in the last 24 challenges or are we supposed to be picking someone elses entry? Are we limited to one favorite or can we choose more? What happens if 2 (or more) people pick the same entry? Is it OK to link it again if it is already here? So many questions are probably not very CAS!! Hope you are having a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you all

    1. So sorry to be replying this late, but I was out-of-state for a week! Eeek!

      We're picking favorites from the other participants' cards, not our own and you are more than welcome to pick more than one! :) No big deal at all if someone's card is selected twice! I say that just means "great minds think alike!"

      Thanks for asking these questions as I'm sure there are others who had the same ones! I'm just sorry I wasn't able to check in and answer these sooner!

  4. Thanks so much for the shout out, Jen! I can't wait to comb through and choose some favorites, too!

  5. So difficult to pick just one! I could sit here all night choosing....Thanks for all the inspiration!

  6. My jaw hit the desk to see my card up there! I am so stunned & honoured and geeked right out :) Thanks so much!!!!

  7. OK, so I had a list of top 10 favorites by the time I went through them all...and could have had more! So much inspiration each week with the challenges...thanks for all the great CAS card ideas ladies!

  8. OH...what a FUN challenge! There have been LOTS of wonderful cards and inspiration!

  9. Sorry, I totally missed this one! That would have been such a privilege honoring other stampers and so much fun and inspiration looking back. Oh, well, thank you for 2012, ladies! I applaud your picks!

    I'm looking forward to 2013's thought-provoking cue cards!!

  10. A big Thank You to Martha for featuring my card as part of Favourites week, I am humbled that you thought it was worthy to be featured. Thank You!!

  11. Hi all - sorry I missed this challenge! But I'd like to thank Jean for picking my little lamb card - such an honour to be selected. Many thanks!