Monday, September 2, 2013

Thank You!

This is post is long overdue and I apologize!  I've been meaning to tell each and every one of you, "THANK YOU!" for the baby congrats you extended both in comments here, on my personal blog and through Bryna's baby shower that was so kindly set up by Ardyth and Tracey!  I've made a very feeble attempt to begin visiting a few of you, but I have many more to stop in and visit!  I feel so loved!  Thank you so much!

With love and smiles,


  1. This is the epitome of clean design and a design I keep coming back to - love it! And, you're very welcome - so happy I was able to help out!

  2. How adorable is this wee elephant! Congrats again on your little girl! Oh, the big brothers must be so proud!!

  3. I seldom have a reason to make a baby card & I thoroughly enjoyed making one to celebrate the birth of your baby girl. Glad you enjoyed the shower even though some of us are technically strangers. Wishing you & your family well!

  4. You, my sweet friend, are most welcome!

  5. Aw, what a sweet thank you card! I could stare at it for hours, so sweet and pink and cute and CAS! Glad mother and baby (and father and brothers) are all doing well!