Friday, April 29, 2016

Featured Designer: Shona Chambers Shares Her Craft Space!

Shona is back today with a special treat...a glimpse into her craft space!  We all love these tours and she thought she'd share her creative place with you!

Hi everybody and welcome to my craft space!! Unfortunately, it’s not as gorgeous as Jennifer McGuire's craft room, but its where the magic happens and as we don’t have a spare room, it’s the only area I have for now. I spend A LOT of time in front of the computer working on my blog, commenting and finding inspiration. I follow so many blogs (which unfortunately I don’t have the time to leave many comments at the moment) but love to see what everyone is up too and be inspired by their designs.

My desk is a plank of wood on top of two office drawers, where I keep all my ink pads, papers etc. My husband put up the black shelving not long ago as I had everything on the dining table. And of course I’m surrounded by art work the kids have created for me over the years.

Behind me is the dining table where I make all my cards. I move my stamp boxes etc over to it, so I can create and watch tv or talk to the family in the lounge at the same time. My husband doesn’t like that everything is on the table, so I try to keep it tidy but you can imagine what it looks like somedays…… Luckily we don’t actually eat at the dining table. We have a low, round coffee table that the kids and I sit on the floor and eat around. It’s very ‘Japanese’ inspired but I’ve always loved sitting on the floor and it makes dinner informal and fun. Dave sits at the table as I don’t think he could get off the floor after sitting there for long!!

I would really love a room to myself, as sometimes it’s hard to think of ideas etc when everyone is jumping around or asking me lots of questions but I would probably feel quite guilty if I spent a lot of time in a separate room. This way I can still feel a part of everything.

Hopefully one day we will have a larger house and I can have my own craft room but until then I will use my little corner and at least with Winter coming, I’m not far from our fireplace!! Over on my blog I have a few more photos including the first card that I won a ‘Honourable Mention’ for at CASology. Hope to see you there!!

Go take a look and say hello while you're there!

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