Friday, May 13, 2016

Featured Designer: Shona Chambers

Shona is back today for her final post as our Featured Designer and she's sharing some of her out-of-the-box CASology creations!

Hi everyone and thank you so much for popping in for my last week as Featured Designer!! It has been so much fun and I’ve loved all your comments, so thank you so much for laughing with me at old cards and photos of my ‘oh so flash’ craft area.

As this my final post, I thought I would look back at some of my more ‘weird’ CASology entries, ones where I pushed the ‘Code Word’ to the absolute limit!! Whenever I see the word of the week, I go straight to Google and look up the meaning of it, as there are sometimes meanings I have never heard of. This will sometimes send me off to a completely odd idea that I hope people will understand???

For my first card the Code Word was ‘Splatter’ and being a horror movie buff the first thing that came into my mind was ‘blood splatter’:

It took a while to work out how to do the blood. I only had one red ink pad so mixed it with water and splattered away on the card front. I received so many comments from people about my card, most people were grossed out but loved it at the same time. I still haven’t used that card for anyone yet but you never know…..

For this second card the Code Word was ‘Sea’ and I got a little ‘Jaw’s inspired:

This is one of my all-time favourites as I loved how I was able to capture the idea of an invitation for lunch with the possibility of getting eaten by a shark. This was back in Nov 2014 and my colouring skills were pretty shocking but it still always makes me smile when I see it!!

For my last card the Code Word was ‘Eat’ and as it was getting close to Xmas I was using this Gingerbread stamp quite a bit, so of course only mind weird and wonderful mind would turn him into a Get Well Soon card:

I had to stamp him out and then try to make it look like his leg had been bitten off. I felt so bad doing it, strange I know but I thought it made for such a funny card and whats better than making people smile or laugh!!

Over on my blog I have a few more of my ‘stranger’ CASology entries and also show you my most popular card on my blog ever. Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome on the CASology blog and thanks again to Melissa for inviting me to share a bit more about myself with everyone. I’ve had an absolute blast and can’t wait to see who the next Featured Designer will be!!

Take care

Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us the past four weeks, Shona!  It's been wonderful getting to know you better and to see your design work in the spotlight!


  1. Personally Shona's "weird" sense of humor tickles me pink. I remember seeing all of these and laughing out loud.

  2. Wow! Your Get well soon cards are really creative and the invitation card for lunch, too! So fun! Thank you so much for sharing your stories and place, Shona!

  3. What a fabulous sense of humor! These cards are funny and love them! Thank you so much for sharing your creative energy!

  4. It's been wonderful having you featured, Shona, and going down memory lane with you, loving all your creations all over again!! Hugs, Darnell

  5. Thanks for sharing all of these fabulous cards with us, Shona! Love your creative CAS style, and wonderful sense of humor! It's been great fun getting to know you a little better these past few weeks!

  6. Shona, these cards highlight your fun sense of humor AND your CAS style! I love them both! It has been so great to have you as a featured designer!