Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Feature: Rahmat's Craft Space!

Welcome back to another Friday Feature!  Rahmat is back one last time to share her craft space with us!  We all love seeing where each other creates and you're going to love a tour of Rahmat's space!  Here's a little sneak peek and then you'll want to head on over to her blog for more photos and details!

Her Desk
Her View

Thanks, Rahmat, for sharing the last few weeks!  We've enjoyed getting to know you better and seeing where you create!


  1. Thank you Melissa for this wonderful opportunity, I had fun the last few weeks, sharing my cards and crafting space. Looking forward to see the next Featured guest.

  2. Rahmat thank you so much for joining us these past couple weeks! So exciting to see where others create! xoxo