Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Week 311: FLIP

Are you ready for a new cue word?  This time, we're pretty sure you're going to flip!

As always, remember the following CAS guidelines when creating your design:
  1. One main image
  2. Lots of open space, uncluttered
  3. Limited layers & embellishments
  4. Quick & easy to recreate (Note: It may take a while to create a design you like, but once you have that design, making more should be a piece of cake!)
Let's see what the design team has created for inspiration!

design defined:
B&W with one color is classic CAS design.

design defined:
Using just 3 colors keeps the Card CAS

design defined:
"White" space can be another color :)

design defined:
Limit your design to one third of the card front.

design defined:
Making slits in your card allows you to add tag while keeping things simple.

design defined:
A large sentiment with a pop of colour make for a great CAS design.

design defined:
A rainbow of colors looks best in rainbow order.

design defined:
Keeping images together leaves lots of white space.

design defined:
An interactive element like the spinning unicorn can still be clean & simple when other details are left minimal. 

design defined:
Black & white color schemes work very well in CAS design!

design defined:
Remember the rule of threes!

design defined:
Symmetrical dies create a clean flip.

Go have fun creating your CAS design and don't forget to link up here on the CASology blog by Monday, September 10, at 9:00 a.m. (CDT)!  Remember this is a two-week challenge again!

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